The Ramshckle Day Parade.

1 Oct

The Ramshackle Day Parade, is a monthly night in which Edmontonians, and various noise makers from around the globe, gather together and get weird.

The RDP began on July 1st 2008, featuring the Godfather of Edmonton noise, Holzkopf (with visuals by Kelley Bolen), Gin Theft, and DoubleThink.  It was a fantastic evening, there was beer everywhere, puke on amps and a ringing in everyones ears.  One of the highlights of the early RDPs is the “open mic/input” in which anyone is allowed to hit the stage and preach the sonic gospel.  Particularily on July 1st, a young Phil Dickau blew minds with his spastic glitch noise and started a new era of noise in the city.

Fast Forward to the present, now 2 years later the RDP is as strong as ever, and has a new home at The Bohemia, a great venue where the staff are open to such weirdness.  Come check it out, it promises to not be a disappointment.


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