And so begins a new era…..

4 Oct

TUESDAY – JUNE 22nd – ITS THE RETURN OF THE RAMSHACKLE DAY PARADE!!!!! yes you remember, the monthly noise night, now back by unpopular demand. We now promise more puking on amps, more wood sculptures, louder noises, and more importantly CHEAPER BOOZE! This event will re-occur every month on the 22nd! June Ramshackle Featuring: “It’s Just Noise” – A Documentary by Parker Thiessen, Zebra Pulse – your local dumpstep babies, Flatgrey – Vancouver Noisey noisey noisey Master Master, Mugbait – Local masters of composition, make sure to clean your brains off the floor, Damno Te – Edmontons best kept/harshest secret. the whole thing drops at 7pm sharp. (like at the movies) its 5 bux at the door.


click on the band name to download


Damno Te


Zebra Pulse


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