September 22nd, 2010

5 Oct

September 22nd was the return of the open mic/input, my personal favorite and the favorite of many others.  Its always awesome to see what people will come up with for an open mic at a noise show. Parker and Joe started it off with a guitar effects combo of near shreddery, Owen and Jared followed with “The Artists” a no wave, new wave artish piece, Granger destroyed our ears with clarps and bloobles, Terry then synthesized what it is like to be inside a feedback loop, Sean, who is easily the best drummer in Edmonton, showed us his sticks and skins while playing a broken music box, and finally Myles returned to us with his epic feedback, and looping…. pure genius.

Headlining the show was newcomers, “Dutch Hay Wagon” who i described to someone as Sonic Youth trying to play country music…. I was wrong…. I dont know how to describe it…. but the fact that they played this show on the date of the Chinese moon festival makes perfect sense.

Recordings to come soon.

and for your pictoral perusal…


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