Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

5 Oct

** they brought the NOISE – those of us who didn’t wear earplugs had ringing ears for hours afterwards! from bass wank to loop pedals to tape echo to live drums to analog synths driven past distortion into a new realm of fuzz, it was an awesome show! we look forward to next month’s open mic edition of the ramshackle day parade, wooooo! **

SUNDAY, AUGUST 22nd – Ramshackle Day Parade INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH NOISE BROUGHT TO YOU BY: EarHate (calgary AB) – Remember when Mike Tyson bit off Mr Holyfields ear? this is probably what it sounded like to him. Suicide Bomber (calgary AB) – Remember when those dudes flew a plane into a building? this is what it sounded like to them. No Knives (Edmonton, AB) – Remember when anyone ever got stabbed? This is what it sounds like. Neon Meat Dream (Edmonton, AB) – Remember when you took acid and ate the monster burger? 2lbs of reality? guess what? this is what it sounded like. just as a warning. this sh*t just got starts at 7pm sharp and is $5 at the door

And Here are the Recordings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01. Neon Meat Dream – live @ bohemia [august 22nd 2010].mp3
02. No Knives – live @ bohemia [august 22nd 2010].mp3
03. EarHate – live @ bohemia [august 22nd 2010].mp3
04. Suicide Bomber – live @ bohemia [august 22nd 2010].mp3

And the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Granger!!

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