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30 Nov

Friends do things together

25 Nov

RDP is collaborating a lot in these coming months.


Ramshackle Day Parade + Number Two Collective Present…

A Night Of Noise

Wednesday December 8th 2010

Master of Pants – ALBUM RELEASE
Seeing the Master of Pants live, in front of you, is a rare treat for all. Not only will he be playing his rare breed of psychonautical adventure-core and DJ-ing the night out, but he will be releasing his third album of the year on the Number Two Collective. For downloads of his previous 2010 efforts “Cyberpunk Aesthetics” and ”Gigaorganic Planetsound”, as well as various tracks and mixes, go here: and here:

It’s just gritty.

Zebra Pulse
The eater breather shitters of noise.

Sometimes all it takes is two.

This lovely evening will be accompanied by an OPEN MIC noise station. We want YOU to do an improve noise set in between bands while they set up. THE NOISE NEVER STOPS. PLEASE wear a costume. We will be providing costumes for those who don’t have one.

Wunderbar 10159 Whyte Avenue
Lets say around 9pm…sharp.



Borscht In Space: The Ramshackle Report









Thats right Angela Mason and Parker Thiessen will be bringing you the monthly Ramshackle Report Live on CJSR 88.5FM Edmonton.  The first one is going down on Monday Dec 6th, 7pm.  The two of them will be talking about whats going on in town, showcase local noise and experimental, and even live performances.  Not to be missed. Really, you shold be listening to Borscht in Space every monday…. so you wont have to worry.









David Ferris will be bringing you a weekly feature, reviewing experimental albums from throughout history, the planet, and beyond.  Check out his first post, Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza – The Private Sea of Dreams (1967).



JOM COMYN Cassette Release Boxing Day Variety Show


Collectively present:













An evening of bewilderment and predictability, of annoyance and satisfaction, experimentation and convention, repulsion and attraction, in a more or less constant rhythmic pulse lasting the duration of the evening.

And so we bring you an evening of rock music, avant-garde noise, smooth jazz, acoustic folk, rap, ambient electronica, spoken word poetry and modern dance featuring the talents of:

Emily Bachynski
Hannah Braun
Eric Cheng
Philip Dickau
Doug Hoyer
Jessica Jalbert
Madeleine Reddon
The Mandemic
Taylor Schaerer
Eryn Tempest
Mary Wood
Murray Wood

This evening also marks the release of Jom Comyn’s full-length cassette “Comynge Tegythere”, a concept album on the topic of art, sound, life, death and its expression, expression and its death, as experienced in modern times.

If nothing else, a good way to liven up the holiday weekend, out of the house.

Sunday December 26, 2010
The Artery (9535 Jasper Ave)
Tickets $8 in advance, at Blackbyrd, Artery, or from a performer; or
$10 on the day of.

Doors at 7pm.
Happenings at 8pm.


Finally friends, lets remember the late Peter Christopherson who passed away at 55 yesterday.


Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza – The Private Sea of Dreams (1967)

25 Nov


Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza was a free improvisation group founded by Italian composer Francesco Evangalisti in 1964. The many names involved in this project may give one a misleading idea of the group’s sound and goals, as some of the many notables include electroacoustic pioneer Roland Kayn, as well as other composers best known for their work in films and soundtracks such as Egisto Macchi and Ennio Morricone, whose Spaghetti Western scores are firmly embedded and referenced throughout popular culture. The work of Il Gruppo shares very little in common with any of these artist’s other works, and is most often a rejection of them.

Il Gruppo went a step farther in collective improvisation then many of their contemporaries in Free Jazz – who although expressing dissatisfaction with conventions of rhythm, melody and dialogue, still used jazz idioms as a starting point – creating strange pieces which stress total exclusion of any set dynamics, pattern or scheme. The Private Sea of Dreams is an attempt to ignore the musical grammar of the time, and to instead create a new set with its own consistent and internally contained logic, aesthetics and interplay; unquestioningly taken up and built upon by many other free improvisers.

The pieces themselves cover a wide array of sounds: on String Quartet, the composers subvert one of their most trusted forms into a creaking monstrosity, the musicians rubbing and scratching grating shrieks out of their instruments; in Waves (Per Cinque), there are frenetic exchanges and percussive bursts; and in Sunrise (Per Otto), we are treated to the strange, bleating trumpet of Morricone.

Be sure to also check out the beautifully packaged compilation Azione, on Die Schachtel, (a label itself named after one of Francisco Evangalisti’s compositions.)

Download The Private Sea of Dreams here

October 22nd Recordings: Legendrie Nights

23 Nov

A month has passed and people are still left with a lot of questions. What happened at Bohemia on October 22nd? Where are my pants? Was there a guy who looked like a naked Rob Zombie meets naked Duane Allman?

Maybe these will help….

01. No Knives – live @ bohemia [october 22nd, 2010].mp3
02. Italian Husbands – live @ bohemia [october 22nd, 2010].mp3
03. Krang Vs. Zebra Pulse – live @ bohemia [october 22nd, 2010].mp3
04. Holzkopf – live @ bohemia [october 22nd, 2010].mp3
05. Tech Diff – live @ bohemia [october 22nd, 2010].mp3
06. DJ Christian – mixing live @ bohemia [october 22nd, 2010].mp3

Nov 22nd, Ramshackle Day Parade: Metaphysical Fairytale Edition

1 Nov

As if last months edition wasnt enough of a metaphysical journey.






Also featuring:

a film by Joe Nadeau

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