Comaduster “Scrape” preview

8 Dec

This is a preview for an upcoming Audio/Visual release from Comaduster. Here is his description of the piece:

“This is an in progress demo for ‘scrape’, an audio visual piece I’m working on. I’ve performed a preliminary performance of it, but it is an on going learning process.
The visual focus is on macro videography, and all of the visuals are achieved completely with my camera (no 3d rendering or design).
I used a Canon T2i with a Tameron 90mm f2.8 macro, and a kenko extension tube set. Custom dollies were made with lego and rubber washers to smooth out the lego wheel motion.
The visuals are a little rough at the moment, very little post processing has been applied.
The visuals are matched with a dark ambient sound scape, but it later drifts in to glitch and micro house regions. Most of the drones and textures were created on a Eurorack modular and manipulated in Ableton Live.”

Incredible! I can’t wait to see the whole thing! for now, take a look at these:


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