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Parade Aftermath: February 22nd

23 Feb



Zebra Pulse


There would be more video but the camera was dying. For now, 3 mins of Potier (awesome visuals by e.q. tweaker):


Recordings and more photos soon.

December 2010 Ramshackle Day Parade Recordings!!

17 Feb

** despite the cold, the classy crowd came out and flailed the night away! from first time performers to seasoned pros, the subsonic terror rocked the foundations of our venue… modern interpretive dancing, projectionist pleasure, delicious locally brewed libations – those who miss the parade miss more than just noise! **


01. bang gang – live @ ramshackle day parade [december 22nd, 2010].mp3
02. no effects – live @ ramshackle day parade [december 22nd, 2010].mp3
03. w.h.i.p. – live @ ramshackle day parade [december 22nd, 2010].mp3


DSCF6370Bang Gang

DSCF6393No Effects




and of course all the photos and music are courtesy of Bohemia

Feb 22nd//Ramshackle Day Parade Zebra Pulse//Ocra//Potier

15 Feb

Another installment of the Ramshackle Day Parade featuring:

ZEBRA PULSE (Edmonton)
Going back 2 the old skool style, celebrating their 3 year anniversary. True Love lasts forever.

OCRA (edmonton)
Myles H. Bartel, controller of wind, master of feedback, deliverer of doom.

POTIER (Germany/Edmonton)
Harsher than harsh itself. Haaaaaaarsh. First Ramshackle Appearance! Come welcome him!

February 22nd
Bohemia 10575 114st

Frequency Paintings: 12 Tones Artist Talk

3 Feb

Gary James Joynes’ Frequency Painting: 12 Tones, currently showing in the L53 Main Space, has sparked a lot of questions and discussion around the gallery. Get yourself some answers at Gary’s artist talk, this Saturday, February 5th at 2:00 PM. Find out about his two year journey of bringing us this exhibition.

This talk will address:

Initial inspiration
A brief history of Cymatics
Formulating the concept
Designing and building wave driver machine prototypes
Experimenting with wave drivers and developing drawing techniques with sound waves
Composing the 12 Tones audio piece
Working with Dr. Scott Smallwood on the software programming/circuit design/circuit construction of the interactive sound wave generators.
A demonstration and performance with the individual 12 Pure Tone Units illustrating the layering and evolution of the musical piece.

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