A Really Big Shoe!

30 Mar

Zebra Pulse, Pizzarrhea, and Dutch Hey Wagon… Live at the Wunderbar!

April 9th, 2011

Get ready for a high intensity show that will tickle all your senses… especially smell, taste and feel! Sight and Sound Optional…

Zebra Pulse…
Has slowly developed into one of Edmonton’s finest experimental acts. They combine FAT beats, Obscure Samples and Twisted noise into musical masterpieces. These guys know how to party, and even more so how to make you dance.

Check em out on their page at:


Is like nothing you have heard before…Pizzarrhea can make your insides explode while keeping you body fully intact. Uhhh so hard to describe, check out their myspace and let the music speak for itself.


Dutch Hey Wagon, ( often confused for a Dutch haywagon… whatever the hell that is)

Constantly adding new members, you never know what band will show up. Whatever band decides to show up this night, they will either blow your socks off… or just blow… Check em out on their myspace…



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