Italian Husbands – A Thin Pane Of Glass (SDR040)

10 Apr


What you are about to listen to is the reworking of dozens of tapes recorded in Sludge House, circa 2007. It was a cold house. It was home to the first noise parties in that prairie hell-scape of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. There are ghosts on our tapes: fragments of voices filtering in off the street, caught with microphones pointed out our windows. A drunk douchebag pissing in our garden was fuel for the noise as much as any guitar solo or buzzing amplifier. A friend once referred to our house as a beacon blasting noise and light into the night time. I remember it also as a receptacle. We sucked in any and all information in the form of stolen voices, dumpstered 4-tracks and tin can and plastic jug drums. What we gave back was not so much a noise beacon for the cars speeding along the freeway beside Sludge House, but something I think we hoped would be destructive, or at the very least, disruptive to the grey buildings, wide roads, harsh winds, drunk assholes. If you’ve lived in Edmonton you’d know why.

Since moving to the West Coast, we have been compiling and remixing (live with multiple tape decks) those original cassettes. This is the culmination of one such night. Locked in at Solder and Sons book store, we rocked a small PA hard behind the shop’s thin pane of glass. The voices and ghosts of Vancouver have made it in as well. Drug deals and angry yells of the run down east side are all too easy to hear through such a flimsy, transparent barrier. Listen in the dark and listen carefully. This recording is the abridged story of Sludge House.




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