11 Apr

“The Hacked Playhouse”

April 15/16, 2011 between 7pm-10pm
with performances at 730 and 9 pm
at The Playhouse (10545-87 Avenue)
admission by donation

Join us for an event that allows you to create your own experience using technology.

Four artists from music and dance backgrounds have been experimenting with interactive sound and motion systems in a collaborative venture under the guidance of professor Scott Smallwood. The outcome of this experimentation is “The Hacked Playhouse,” a complete fantasy exploring the idea of transformed spaces. By combining technology with found objects and household materials, each artist has “hacked” a different room within the house. The resulting interactive sculptures invite the audience to interact with the space, using their bodily movements to affect the evolving soundscape.

We present “The Hacked Playhouse” in an open-house format. Visitors are free to roam around the house, exploring each room at their own pace. Each of the two evenings will also feature two performances by the artists, demonstrating their own interpretation of interaction with the hacked sculptures and the living space itself.

Joleen Ballendine
Dan Brophy
Ruth Guechtal
Colin Labadie
Gerry Morita


One Response to “THE HACKED PLAYHOUSE – APRIL 15&16”

  1. Joe April 25, 2011 at 11:32 PM #

    Ahhh… shoot. I missed this?!
    This is exactly something I have been wanting to do forever.

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