Potier // Ocra Cassette Split [RDP_003]

12 Sep

Recently I was comparing the words “awesome” and “awful” and noticed that one is full of awe where as the other is only some awe, therefore awful must be even better than awesome.

This cassette is utterly awful.

The first Ramshackle Day Parade cassette release, featuring new music from Potier and Ocra

This release is $5 and is available now in Edmonton at Blackbyrd and Listen, as well as live shows.
Also available online at at Absurd Exposition, a distro/label specializing in variants of hardcore punk and noise music.

Vital Weekly

2 Responses to “Potier // Ocra Cassette Split [RDP_003]”

  1. Joe October 2, 2011 at 5:45 PM #

    You had ought to give us a sample listen on the bandcamps.
    Heck, you could even sell it there, too, you know?


  1. Will Scott, Potier/Ocra reviews « Ramshackle Day Parade - January 27, 2012

    […] our first tape release just got reviewed at Vital Weekly. With Potier and Ocra tracks being described as sounding like […]

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