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Holzkopf – Child Of The 90s [RDP_011]

31 Jan

Holzkopf is known as a sort of god around these parts, his influence on the scene in Edmonton has been great on many levels.  Respect is due.  Here on Child of the 90s, there is the signature Holzkopf sound, dirty beats, layered and fed through feedback, backwards samples and bass so fat it will make your mom look skinny.  Holzkopf has always been heavy on the beats, but this album is weighs a ton (like your mom).

Argue Job

Cassette: A Documentary

28 Jan

I saw this trailer within the last week, and got pretty stoked about seeing the film. The project is was receiving pledges through Kickstarter, which (if you aren’t already familiar with) helps artists receive financial support from everyday people for large projects. When I noticed their goal is set at $25,000 and with the project shy of half that amount ($11,883 as of this moment) and a deadline of noon tomorrow (EST time), I became a little disappointed to know it won’t be available to watch anytime soon. Regardless, thought it might garner interest among you. The filmmaker reached his goal at the last minute. Very sweet.

Cassette @ Kickstarter
Cassette: A Documentary official website

Oh and heads up, cassette tape is no longer in the Oxford Dictionary.

Will Scott, Potier/Ocra reviews

27 Jan

Some updates on RDP releases:

Will Scott

Will Scott’s “…Recordings” debuts at #3 on the CJSR charts!
And congrats to Krang for making it to #1 this week.

The album “delves into what I can only describe as a musical jungle,” says Jim Cumming at Argue Job. Read the brief journey into that jungle here.

Potier / Ocra

Also, our first tape release just got reviewed at Vital Weekly. With Potier and Ocra tracks being described as sounding like “a faulty air conditioning unit” and “the old male orgasm played out this time in a hyper-real space,” respectively, who could resist reading it here.

Aerosol Constellations – “In the Time of Feathered Serpents I Rode the Skies” [PAN 063]

25 Jan
Aerosol Constellations are made up of Bill Batt (Stamina Mantis) & Jeremy Van Wyck (Shearing Pinx), as well as various forms of pollution and cosmic energy.  “In The Time of Feathered Serpents I Rode the Skies”, released this month on Panospria,  is post-post-apocalyptic. These are the sounds that travel the earth long after humans are gone, searching for life.  There is an army drumming in the distance of time, and a cold electronic heartbeat left pulsing in the wind.
Get it, and all the other Panospria releases here:

New Meat Force Track

24 Jan

Our pal over at Anyone Can Music released a new track the other day.  You can do the same. Anyone can.

here it is.



Dragon’s Eye Compilation

23 Jan

Iron: Dragon's Eye Sixth Anniversary Compilation

Dragon’s Eye is a record label focusing on sound art and recently celebrated its sixth anniversary by releasing Iron, a 20-track compilation that clocks in at almost 3 hours. It is also a free download! And it even has Edmonton’s own Clinker on a collaborative track with fellow multimedia artist Blake Carrington!

Download the album here:

Clinker/Gary James Joynes’ 12 Tones makes lasting impression

23 Jan

Gary James Joynes - 12 Tones

Last year’s 12 Tones aka Frequency Paintings exhibit at Latitude 53 was given a nice write-up in Vue Weekly’s 2011 visual arts year-in-review:

“Latitude kicked off a strong year of programming with this powerful exhibit by Edmonton artist Joynes. This show provided more than a viewing experience—it was a powerful, overwhelming immersion in raw, tonal sound—sound seen, heard and felt through your whole body. This intensity was so well balanced by photos of sand mandalas, suggesting the meditative aspect of the art experience, each created through the vibration of one of those intense tones.”

The rest of the article can be read here.

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