Will Scott …recordings [RDP_007]

5 Jan

Will Scott is an Edmonton musician who likes to delve. This double-feature showcases his production and songwriting talent, his love for improvisation and quirks, and a hard-to-match collaborative energy*

A dual release with Burn Flippin Urn Records and Ramshackle Day Parade. The former Mitts and Wicked Awesomes bassist, and current one-third of Pigeon Breeders brings you…recordings…!!!

Argue Job

*Guest appearances include Grant Callaghan (40 Thieves), Garrett Johnson (Brazilian Money), Tyler Harland (Pigeon Breeders), Lucas Finnamore-Smith (LWFS), Joseph Lubinsky-Mast (The British Columbians), and others.


One Response to “Will Scott …recordings [RDP_007]”


  1. Will Scott, Potier/Ocra reviews « Ramshackle Day Parade - January 27, 2012

    […] Will Scott’s “…Recordings” debuts at #3 on the CJSR charts! And congrats to Krang for making it to #1 this week. http://www.earshot-online.com/charts/cjsr.cfm […]

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