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R.D.P on Borscht In Space Tonight!

30 Apr


RDP representative Parker Thiessen will take to the airwaves tonight at 7pm on CJSRs Borscht In Space, hosted by Rocket Grrrl, Angela Mason. Tune in, 88.5 FM in Edmonton and across the globe

prOphecy sun – “Moments pass” (music video)

26 Apr

Beautiful video for prOphecy sun’s “Moments Pass” from the album “Bird Curious” which drops on May 1st over at Panospria

Something tells me this is going to be big.

Meatforce – Slaughterhouse VHS

25 Apr

These are stills from the Slaughterhouse VHS by Meat Force.

You can just download it or stream it, but if you want it on vhs you just have to send him one to tape over (he might even paint it)

Watch it here

Download it here

“2012” – Various Artists [RDP – 015]

24 Apr

Ramshackle Day Parade presents:


A collection of artists making strange music in Edmonton, Alberta.



Pizzarrhea! – Laser Bacon Eye Surgery

24 Apr

There has never been a band like Pizzarrhea! in Edmonton before, and there probably will never be a band like Pizzarrhea! in Edmonton again. One part Zappa, one part Gwar, 3 parts bad acid trip and i guess the rest is made of bacon maybe?  These beasts are a sight to behold, even if you cant get behind their music, their live show is not to be missed.

On their new album “Laser Bacon Eye Surgery” we hear the songs we have been blasted with over the last year or so. A step forward from the improvised “ELECTROS”.  The songs are loosely based off of an almost metal sound while what can only be described as an orchestra of god-knows-what blasts around these melodies causing a type of cacophony that takes you to another planet. After a complete listen you are left thinking, “what now? what can the future possibly hold for me?” and then without noticing you begin to dial 780-473-7373.


24 Apr

I went to Permanent Records the other day, spotted this 7″.  I asked Clint what it was, he had no idea.  It was marked $4 and I was $4 curious.  Worried this was probably a release from yet another Edmonton hardcore band my hopes were not high. I was pleasantly surprised.  Pure dissonance, at first listen this plays like a slower rhythmic drone, but it is built upon fast harsh percussive guitar.  This review comes about 4 years late as the 7inch was released in 2008, who knows how there got to be about 5 copies here in Edmonton, as far as i can tell this was released in Dallas.  I encourage everyone to ‘grip’ this right away, as i said early it is available at Permanent Records here in Edmonton, or online at Bill Murray Tapes

Static Control

23 Apr

New issue of Static Control, Check out the Tumblr here

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