Holzkopf Letter #8

7 May

Every now and then Vancouver/Edmonton/Saskatoon artist, Holzkopf sends out a letter letting us know what’s up.


Hey folks,

It’s been a long long time!  Last letter I wrote was 11 months ago I think!  Well, a lot in the world of holzkopf has happened since.  There’s been another Canadian tour, and another European one.  The latter was massively epic and spanned 2 and a half months.  I just want to share a few video clips from shows over the past year.  If you’ve seen them already, my apologies.
First up is that I’m very proud that my gig as part of “Constellation Beta” in Vilnius, Lithuania was shot and now there is a small documentary about it.  It was at one of the best venues around, XI20, a place carved out of the basement of an old soviet monstrosity of a cultural centre.  So, here it is, my performance begins at 17:50 in the video, but the whole document (about 20 minutes) captures the feeling of the night, the venue and the crowd.  Its worth a watch I think, the other performances were quite nice, especially the dancing shaman in sunglasses who blows through plastic tubes…you’ll see it
Second, this is probably the only time this track has made it onto any public record.  It’s called ‘black coats” and its played here at the Cultural Centre in Jonava, Lithuania.  The video is being made live by Oskaras Kazimieras Gudas, and I feel lucky to say that he’s currently working on a video for a new track of mine.
The last video I’ll share comes to me from the fabulous Princesse Rotative in Caen.  The performance was beside a furniture store in an open field, shielded by the rain by way of a metal over  hang, water battling us to get onto stage.
Right now I’ve got a bunch of stuff on the go and my sound is changing.  I’m not sure where it will end up but I’m excited.  I’ve been playing a lot in a new band called “Psychic Tuberculosis” with a drummer named John Brennan and long time collaborator, Trevor Rutley on guitar.  We got a blog:
We will tour Western Canada in July!  Watch for dates between Victoria and Winnipeg!
A holzkopf tour is currently being sorted for June.  Stay tuned to local listings in Ontario and Quebec.  I’m still working on material for that trip, but here is a teaser:
Thanks for being into my stuff.  if you want your name off this list, just write me and say so.  please feel free to spread this stuff around!

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