prOphecy sun – Bird Curious [pan065]

7 May

The human voice is a beautiful instrument, it is clear that prOphecy sun knows this.  On Bird Curious, the human voice is taken to new levels; loops and melodies are used to create dreamy pop textures and rhythms.  Words are used more in sound and shape rather than the specific meaning, allowing the listener to float along, opening up their own stream of  conscious.  The album is tagged as being improvised which just goes to show how connected prOphecy sun is with her voice, there is definitely a sense of peace and oneness on this record, something that can only be achieved genuinely.

For streaming and download : prOphecy sun – Bird Curious [pan-065]


In other prOphecy sun news, head over to her youtube channel, where she is uploading content almost weekly. Including this new live performance she did for Low Lives 4  (a worldwide networked festival).



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