The Saturn Sessions

7 May

EDMONTON—Five adventurous music-oriented artists will be pitting their talents against one of the solar system’s largest celestial bodies in a combined concert and layered recording session. Presented by the Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society, The Saturn Sessions takes place Saturday, May 19 at 8 p.m. at the Ortona Armoury (9733-102 Street). Admission to the all-ages, licensed event is $5.

Slated to perform with a bedtrack consisting of radio signals emitting from the planet Saturn, recorded in 1981 from detectors on board NASA’s Voyager 2 probe, are the following:
·       Moonfyre (spoken word), one-half of electropop duo Pocket Universe
·       Will Truchon (digital delay processing), former artistic director of The Works Art and Design Festival
·       Bill Damur (flute), music instructor and performer with acts including Mobius and Tsunami Brothers
·       Don Ross (clarinet), music instructor and frontman of the acclaimed St. Crispin Chamber Ensemble
·       Stanis Coleslaw R.E.M. (electronics) performance artist at large
The 10-minute Saturn soundtrack will be the nucleus of the event, with each artist adding their own live overdub during their scheduled set. By the end of the evening, it is anticipated that the results will include a multi-track archive of the concert and session.
Patrons are encouraged to bring along a blank CD or a USB flash drive. Pending the outcome of the concert and sessions, a recording of the evening should become available at the end of the show.

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