9 Jun

Aaron Sereda and Josh Fraser of Calgary, (who record as nR and Citadel respectively,) have been recording vocal drone albums in the style of Italy’s Prima Materia, Tibetan Ohm-sters, or, (perhaps more relevant to the typically-atypical Edmontonian reading this,) stoned people overtone singing in bleak, caliginous sewer pipes all across/under our great city.

The tracks themselves explore unilluminated sonorous chambers, drifting in tenebrous waves of long sound decay times. Was this recorded in a silo, church, torture dungeon or the furthest confines of space itself?: we leave that to you to decide, most diligent reader.

Anybody unlucky enough to have missed these Calgarian Avant Interlopers at Bohemia some time back should give this a listen.

Released 11 May 2012


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