SACRED GEOMETRY: Not The Wind Not the Flag, Leahey/Dadge Duo, Dolmens, Scott Munro, Pigeon Breeders + Connor O’Brien

28 Sep

Ramshackleday Parade and Bug Incision combine to give you a third-eye opening evening of some of the best Canadian free-improvisers, who happen to be passing through Alberta, leaving a psychic wake of blown minds and rustled jimmies. This combination of people playing together in Edmonton is a truly singular event.

Not The Wind Not The Flag (Toronto)
Torontoans Colin Fisher and Brandon Valdivia form one of Canada’s greatest psychedelically experimental acts: expect

 flutes, guitars, thumb pianos, ghuzeng, saxophone, ever-pounding drums, hand percussion and general fucking magic. Like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Leaney/Dadge Duo (Calgary)
Bug Incision honcho Dadge will be playing a set with saxophonist and tenor-wizard Aaron Leaney.

Dolmens (Edmonton)
One-time-only collaboration from David Ferris/Don Ross/Phil Dickau, who will possibly open a cosmic nexus of ECM, Altered States, ancient tombs, ESO, Twin Peaks, Fantasia, Arvo Part, deprivation chambers and God-knows-what.

Scott Munro (Calgary)
Scott plays in Bent Spoon Duo, Ghostkeeper, Chad Van Gaalen and a million other projects. He has dozens of arms, each with brilliant musculature, a veritable Adonis of imrpov. Heavy stuff.

Pigeon Breeders with Connor O’Brien (Nilbog)
Picture the Charles Barkley of free-improv, but with three Charles Barkleys. Suddenly, Scotty Pippen appears – as played by Connor O’Brien (Fuck the Tundra, Flint ) – and together they rush the court. One time only.

First set starts at 8:00 ON THE DOT.
Five bucks
Bring I.D.
There will be lots of merch

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