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Zebra Pulse – Hive Mines (2008 Reissue) [RDP – 025]

23 Jan


“Redorded in Owens backyard, on top of an anthill. In 2008 I think.

Reissued from what was probably not actually a release. I doubt there are more than 4 copies of this out there, and they are probably just unlabeled cd-rs with no case.”

– Zebra Pulse


Aerosol Constellations – Last Ta Live [RDP-024]

22 Jan


New release from Vancouverites Aerosol Constellations.  Very happy to be working with these guys, rumour has it they are heading this way in the near future.


BONG SAMPLE // OCRA [RDP-023] (Digital Split)

21 Jan


New music from Ocra and Bong Sample!!  Keep your eyes open for a new release from Cosmic Key (featuring Ocra and Bong Sample as one band!) David Ferris is calling it the worlds first Digital 10″ split!!

Also head over to this months edition of Ramshackle Day Parade at Bohemia this month (jan 22) to catch a rare live performance from Bong Sample

Jan 19. Bohemia

19 Jan

Art’s Birthday Edmonton (+ Non-Music Awards)

18 Jan

Art's Birthday

Art’s Birthday Edmonton Non Music Awards Night

When: Saturday, Jan 19, 2013
Where: Bohemia, 10217 – 97 Street NW
Description: Art’s Birthday Party

Beams Presents Arts Birthday + Edmonton’s Non Music Awards


Abram Hindle (Skruntskrunt)
Don Ross
Bill Damur
Serenity Cell
Nom D Plume
Baby SugarBag
Jason Borys

$5 for Beams Members
10217 97 St Bohemia!!!
No Minors

Coming Soon from RDP….

14 Jan

We have a lot of stuff coming out on the RDP record label in the next little bit, keep your eyes peeled.

Meat Force – TBA (CD usually, digital too i bet)

Yaocave – Itchy Urbanity (digital/cassette)

Bong Sample / Ocra – Digital split 7″ (thats for you Dave)

Aerosol Constellations – Last Ta Live – Digital

Gel Nails – H.N.W – digital

Zebra Pulse – Hive Minds (2007  Reissue) – Digital

Zebra Pulse – TBA  (cassette)

Bong Sample – TBA (cr10 cassette)

Cosmic Key – TBA (digital)

considering that the record label side of this collective was an afterthought, that is a busy couple of weeks we have ahead!!

New Meat Force video! Meat Force – Cop Whose A Man

14 Jan
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