Madder Reefer Madness!!!

20 Feb

“Edmonton’s avant-garde
electroacoustic champion, fl3m will be leading a screening of Reefer
Madness. It’s sure to be weird.” — Craig Martellica

Reefer Madness returns to the silver screen via a new surreal soundtrack y fl3m, at Wunderbar (8120-101 St.), Sunday, Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. door is $8.

For this
occasion, the 1936 outing of Reefer Madness, originally funded by a
church group to propagandize the evils of marijuana — but wound up
becoming a cult exploitation classic — has been converted into a silent film, captioned and edited down to 45 minutes. All audio has been
replaced by the fl3mscape soundtrack, created from such sources as
orchestral tunings and factory
machinery, and is designed to go beyond the contemporary confines of
“stoner rock,” and even into territory beyond what is deemed music.

Special guests include Shawn Pinchbeck, who is reviving his classic
electroacoustic take on the 1929 surrealistic classic Un Chien Andalou
by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali.

San Diego megaflutist Marion
Garver Fredrickson returns to Edmonton to present her take on the
Georges Méliès 1902 film classic Le Voyage dans la Lune.

Also featured is saxophonist Allison Balcetis, who improvs to the Thomas Edison 1910 film version of Frankenstein.


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