Plan 9 From Outer Space: A retrospect with no respect // May 25th

23 May



Saturday May 25th

Harcourt House Annex 10211-112St


What was arguably the worst movie ever made is slated to receive a unique multimedia treatment at one of the city’s most prominent art galleries. Plan 9 From Outer Space, a 1959 low-budget sci-fi film directed by Ed Wood, will include original and improvisational scores by five local experimental acts. Admission is $5 at the door.

The show, which has been converted into a silent movie and captioned for this occasion, will include sound treatments by the following performers:

Wind Rose: aka Gary James Joynes, also known as Clinker, who’s performed in such tandems as Vipers without Vapours and Vector Rails. Joynes has achieved international notoriety via a series of audio visual installations at Latitude 53, Art Gallery of Alberta, Harcourt House and DC3 in Edmonton. His work has also been showcased in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, London, Madrid, Dublin, Amsterdam and Bristol.

Bong Sample: aka Parrkerr Tazin, whose solo act has appeared numerous times at monthly Ramshackle Day Parade sonic events in Edmonton. He’s also the keyboardist for pot-rock band KRANG and a member of Zebra Pulse, one of the city’s best known noise acts, part of a growing international movement that places emphasis on sound nuances from distortion to static.

Reinhard von Berg: Originally from Germany, von Berg is one of Edmonton’s best known new music composers, who studied under Stockhausen, and has created scores of music heard across Canada and Europe. Currently the organist at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, von Berg has also taught several composition and piano prodigies who have since embarked on prosperous music careers of their own.

Allison Balcetis: Since 2009, Balcetis has been the Instructor of Saxophone at the University of Alberta. She performs as a soloist and as a member of Anubis Quartet, an accomplished ensemble quickly gaining recognition as one of North America’s premier quartets. Allison earned her Doctorate from the University of Alberta, and also studied at Bowling Green State University, and the Conservatoire de Bordeaux.

fl3m: Edmonton-based experimentalist who’s performed at several events facilitated by the Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society as well as such events as The Works, Kaleido Family Festival, Loud N Queer, Sasquatch Gathering, The Fringe and Calgary’s Discord series.

Originally created as a star vehicle for Bela Lugosi, who died shortly after production started, Plan 9 from Outer Space tells of an alien plan to thwart the creation of a doomsday bomb on Earth by resurrecting the dead to attack the planet. The film has been unanimously panned by critics for its sloppy acting, pedestrian script, bargain-basement effects, poorly-sequenced cinematography and juvenile direction. However, defenders of the film state that the show’s errors have added to its charm as an unintentional comedic romp.

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