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BEAMS @ The Works Festival

25 Jun


Video Highlights from June 17 Open Input

25 Jun

Thanks to Abram Hindle (aka skrunt skrunt) for this video compilation of the June 17th open input!!


Pigeon Breeders – Oblique Temperatures [RDP_033]

14 Jun

Trans/Gression @ Nextfest

5 Jun



Thursday, June 13, 9:30 pm
at Bohemia

Violate your understanding of social conformity and sacrifice the acceptable. NuMusic breaks boundaries with performances that will entrance and excite, attract and repulse.

Zachary Polis performs Impossible Birds, a mesmerizing soundscape of digitally imagined and invented birds; Ryan Yusep and Kayla Chambers bring a visual score to life, examining how the eye searches for or creates patterns within the negative space of text through changing focus, texture and intensity of words; Andre Mustre and Allison Balcetis explore the possibilities of interactive electronics and acoustic instruments through the use of an electroencephalograph (EEG) in the world premiere of Mestre’s third iteration of this unique partnership; Lascaux Proxy performs Le Cabaret, in which The Lady of Winter lures the innocent to dance in her undead cabaret; returning NuMusic favorites Motherboy premiere The Great Wave/Consequence of Sound, a semi-improvised work exploring ideas of biological experience as an artificial construct and technological experience as a process of the natural world; 30 Immolated and 16 Returned represents the systematic transgression and violent institutionalization found in Marquis de Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom through the opposition of two poles of urban musical style and instrumentation: harsh noise and death metal; closing out the night, Zebra Pulse delivers a collage of sound we all forgot and rhythms that nobody wants to forget in a harvest of new forms of earball punishment.

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