Of Two Minds: Chenoa Anderson and Allison Balcetis in concert – January 10th

6 Jan



Flutist Chenoa Anderson and saxophonist Allison Balcetis have worked side by side for several years to enhance Edmonton’s new music scene as board members of New Music Edmonton, but in January 2014 they will finally work together musically to bring something special to the stage.

Rucke di Guck (1959) – Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988) for piccolo and soprano saxophone

Strohbass (2011) – Marcos Balter (b. 1974) for bass flute and baritone saxophone

Crack (2001) – Mikel Kuehn (b. 1967) for flute, alto saxophone, and tape

Aka (2003) – François Rossé (b. 1945) for flute and soprano saxophone

Da Caccia VI (1996) – Didier Marc Garin (b. 1963) for flute and soprano saxophone

World Premier (2013) – Ian Crutchley

This concert is made possible by generous support from the Edmonton Arts Council and the University of Alberta Department of Music
General Admission $15, available at the door

University Of Alberta Convocation Hall
Students FREE




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