Wyrd Distro Party! with Pigeon Breeders, Zebra Pulse and Jom Comyn!

14 Feb



On Saturday February 15th, 2014 Weird Canada is launching its Wyrd Distro, the first non-profit online-store and distribution service dedicated to emerging and experimental Canadian music.

Swing by Listen Records for this F R E E event to catch some killer shows and conversation:

– 2:30 – Intro/conversation
– 3:00 – Pigeon Breeders live set
– 3:30 – Live video Hangout with Weird Canada Executive Director Marie LeBlanc Flanagan and Founder Aaron Levin
– 4:00 – Zebrapulse live set
– 4:30 – Hang out time/Conversation
– 5:00 – JoM Comyn live set

There will be a drop-box where local artists can consign music to the Wyrd Distro (free shipping!)

***these are the actual event times to the minute, so don’t be late***

A special thanks to Listen Records for hosting this event, and I would be remiss not to mention that you can grip local music from them at this event (or old nerd-prog or whatever floats your boat.)



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