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Ikarie XB-1: Trio Latitude (Gary Joynes, Shawn Pinchbeck, Scott Smallwood)

25 Mar


Sound artists Trio Latitude (Gary James Joynes, Shawn Pinchbeck, Scott Smallwood) are slated to provide a unique electroacoustic treatment of a 1963 Czech science-fiction classic in this special, all-ages, one-night event. Admission is $10 at the door.

To allow for this presentation, the movie, shown in black and white and clocking in at an hour and 22 minutes, will be shown in a silent format with English subtitles.

Ikarie XB-1 is a 1963 Czechoslovak science fiction film that was edited and dubbed into English for release in the USA, where it is known by its alternate title, Voyage to the End of the Universe.

While it shows some influence from earlier American ventures such as Forbidden Planet, the film was also influential in its own right—critics have noted a number of similarities between Ikarie XB-1 and Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey and it is believed to have been one of many films Kubrick screened while researching 2001.

As well, its concept of a mobile community in space paralleled TV producer Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a “wagon train to the stars,” which sowed the seeds for the landmark TV series Star Trek in 1966.




24 Mar






With over 270 albums, MERZBOW is considered to be a sort of noise-god and known by many as the most important noise artist in the world.  His sound ranges from harsh, to the harshest.  Be prepared.



Holzkopf is considered the noise-dad of Edmonton, now he resides in Vancouver and is making the raddest noisy dance music anyone has ever heard.  Botfly is an amazing drummer, together they will destroy your soul.



Dadaist improvised experimental something or other drums and tapes ‘n’ bass and samples


Sound genius, and master of wires.  Modular synth madness.



Now Hear This: New Music Edmonton Festival March 21-23

17 Mar


Now Hear This

March 21-23, 2014
Festival passes General Admission $50 / $40 students / $30 NME members available here

New Music Edmonton is proud to announce its third annual festival of new music, Now Hear This, featuring the works of R. Murray Schafer.  Considered one of the best-known Canadian composers, having coined the term “soundscape,” Schafer was dubbed by Stratford Music Festival director John Miller as an “iconoclast [who] doesn’t see the concert hall as a holy space.”  Schafer was the recipient of the firstGlenn Gould Prize (1987) and received the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement (2009).

In addition to Schafer’s works, NME is proud to welcome the Molinari Quartet.  Juno award-winners for their recording of Schafer’s quartets, and winners of the 2014 Opus Prize for Concert of the Year for their marathon of 13 quartets from the Second Viennese School, Molinari will perform several of R. Murray Schafer’s quartets in a rare and thrilling concert.

NME is also honoured to collaborate with some of Edmonton’s most accomplished ensembles: Pro Coro Canada, the Strathcona String QuartetWindRose Trio, and – giving its debut performance – the Violet Collective, the NME house ensemble.  Named for NME’s founder Violet Archer, the Violet Collective comprises Edmonton’s premier instrumentalists.  They will perform three concerts in the festival of works carefully chosen by juried submission.

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All tickets are available at Tix on the Square or at the door

Friday March 21, 2014

5:30pm – Contempo Ensemble concert at Convocation Hall, University of Alberta*

7:30pm – Molinari Quartet performs works by R. Murray Schafer
$20 General / $15 Students / $10 NME members

String Quartets Nos. 9-12

9:30pm – Semi/Conductor  – a concert of electronic works
$15 General / $10 Students / $5 NME members

Would You Like Fries With That? – Brian Garbet
Untangle My Tongue – Robert McClure
Luna – Mike Lukaszuk
De la Fenêtre – Roxanne Turcotte

Post Concert: Opening Night Reception featuring John Huck (aka DJ Wijit)


Saturday March 22, 2014

10:30am – Panel Discussion with local and visiting composers*
“…it dawned upon me that there was a possibility that music might not even be an art form.”

Ian Crutchley, Moderator – Edmonton, AB
Greg Samek – Calgary, AB
Paul Steenhuisen – Edmonton, AB
Bob Pritchard – Vancouver, BC
Samuel Andreyev – Paris, France
Gordon Fitzell – Winnipeg, MB

1:00pm – Soundwalk*, exploring the soundscape of our city with Scott Smallwood.  This walk will start from the Holy Trinity Anglican Church

2:00pm – WindRose Trio concert
$20 General / $15 Students / $10 NME members

Leviathan – Thom Golub
It’s a Crowd – George Andrix
Reeds – Emily Doolittle, with dancer Gerry Morita

3:30pm – Violet Collective debut, performing electro-acoustic works
$15 General / $10 Students / $5 NME members

Rebirth – Bob Pritchard
The Sorrowful Mysteries – André Mestre
Strata – Colin Labadie
Jeu de Téléphone – Paul Steenhuisen
Ghost – Raimundo Gonzalez
Transformation No. 3 – Shawn Pinchbeck

4:45pm – (Re)Defining “Composer,” Canadian League of Composers round table discussion with Ian Crutchley, Emily Doolittle, Heather Hindman, Allan Gilliland, Gary Joynes, and Michael Frishkopf*

7:00pm – Violet Collective, the unplugged concert

 À propos du concert de la semaine dernière – Samuel Andreyev
Year Without Summer (Daumernkino) – Jacob Gotlib
Twelve Ball-bearings – Kerrith Livengood
Follow Me – John Beckwith
Refraction – Keith Hamel

8:30pm – Pro Coro Canada, conducted by Michael Zaugg

Here the Sounds Go Round – R. Murray Schafer
Magic Songs – R. Murray Schafer
Missa Brevis (selections) – Mathew Emery

9:30pm – Astral Ghosts – a concert of electro-acoustic works
All three evening concerts for one price! $20 General / $15 Students / $10 NME members

Improvisation by Thom Golub (bass) and Kate Stashko (dance)
The Ghosts that Guard the Gateway – Gene Kosowan and Marion Garver Fredrickson
Weld – Anthony Marasco
Astral Migration – Pigeon Breeders featuring visuals by Lindsay McIntyre
Meshes of the Afternoon – Greg Samek

Sunday March 23, 2014

11:00am – Deep Listening Workshop, led by Raylene Campbell*
Strathcona Community Centre 10139 – 87 Avenue

2:00pm – Strathcona String Quartet

String Quartet No. 2  – George Andrix
String Quartet No. 1  – Jan Jarvlepp
String Quartet No. 2 (Looking Back) – Alfred Kunz
Elusions – Colin Labadie
Mobius Train – Ken Read
Affinity – Matthew Tozer
Lake Manitoulin – Kent Williams

5:30pm – Violet Collective
Two afternoon concerts for one price! $20 General / $15 Students / $10 Students

Matemalista – Nicolas Arnáez
Epanoui – James Harely
LYS  – Ron Hannah
Elea – Gordon Fitzell


*all concerts marked with an asterisk are free admission

All events are at Holy Trinity Anglican Church (10037 84th ave.) unless otherwise noted



Zebra Pulse – “Hillbilly Galactic”

14 Mar

Christ Appearing As Sun – A Time To Dream

14 Mar

CAAS new release could be the soundtrack to an erotic 80s psychedelic cop movie. To be released in the near future on a Maxi-Single via Energetic Action Recordings

Here it now:

Pigeon Breeders on CJSR 88.5FM (FREE DOWNLOAD)

12 Mar

CJSR has really been reppin’ the Edmonton noise scene!

Zebra Pulse Live on Big A Little A (FREE DOWNLOAD)

11 Mar




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