TONIGHT!! (April 15) Pigeon Breeders/Post Namers/Piotr Kurek (Poland)/Meat Force/K.M. Toepfer/Evan A James

15 Apr


ENDLESS BUMMER, Ramshackledayparade and the Polish Cultural Institution of New York bring you a night of Ambient/Free Improv madness. TWO FUCKING STAGES and continuous wall of music. 

Warsaw’s Pior Kurek is touring through Canada, and will be joined by FIVE of Edmonton’s finest. 


10332  81ave
5$: Whatta deal

K.M. Toepfer – 9:00 – AKA Potier, KM Toepfer brings the pain, and will probably chase the normals straight out of the venue.

Pigeon Breeders – 9:30 – The Charles Barkley of Free Improv, but with three Charles Barkleys.

Post Namers – 10:00 – Matthew A Wilkinson is pure gold.

Piotr Kurek – 10:30 – All the way from Poland, if you miss this you will realistically die having never seen his A++++ Ambience.

Evan A James – 11:00 – Hawt exploratory traxx like billowing clouds.

Meat Force – 11:30 – Let Joe Nadeau lull you to sleep.


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