FL3M, Himiko, Lurch, Bong Sample and more! Monday July 7, Bohemia.

4 Jul



8PM sharp


BOHEMIA – 10217 – 97st

Local experimental artist fl3m celebrates 30 years of irrelevance with a live show and the CD release of Dork Matter, a 75-minute surreal work using such samples as orchestral tunings and toilets. Special guests include Himiko, Bong Sample, Lurch, Louis Pezzani, Don Ross, Motonogo and Beta Decay. Door admission is $10.fl3m


Bong Sample

Louis Pezzani


Don Ross

Beta Decay


The rest of the lineup is not only eclectic but represents other unique artistic paths, many of them far more fruitful than the forks in the road experienced by fl3m. In 2012, Himiko, released Dethnoizzz on D-Track and has topped campus charts across Canada. Audio artist Bong Sample is one-fourth of the groundbreaking experimental group Zebra Pulse and a mover and shaker in Edmonton’s noise sector. Lurch, a ’90s-era sludge act, earned notoriety as “noise merchants” according to the Edmonton Journal. Louis Pezzani is a nationally-revered mentalist heavily in demand for appearances across the country. Don Ross leads the innovative St. Crispin’s Chamber Ensemble. And avant-garde trio Motonogo got its start at an open input function at Bohemia.

As for Victoria-based folkie Beta Decay, he’s the only performer on the bill to have shared the stage with Kosowan at a Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity gig on July 7, 1984 in the group Dr. Worm and the Beirut 66, the first time either of them ever played in public.

Since then, Kosowan has spent years searching for an audience for his unconventional work, enduring adversity ranging from beer bottle projectiles to insults. He’s finally getting recognition via appearances at such festivals as New Music Edmonton and Sasquatch Gathering, shows organized by Ramshackle Day Parade and the Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society and recent airplay in Europe. In August, Kosowan will head to England to witness one of his pieces performed at a British Flute Society convention by Marion Garver Fredrickson, a co-writing partner over the past three years.


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