Pigeon Breeders (cassette release) / High Tides / Zebra Pulse @ Wunderbar

4 Aug



“Concrescence” is the fourth album by Edmonton-based experimental trio Pigeon Breeders. Released on Calgary’s Shaking Box Music label (Bitter Fictions, Ashley Soft), this will be their first cassette. While previous releases have been formed through paring down one or two full improvisations, this is the first to compile various material over a two year period. The recording captures the band playing in a variety of local spaces (including the old Mile Zero Dance Studio above The Artery). The resulting sonic journey is their most challenging to date, and the most accurate in presentation of the group’s scope: introspective ambience, tense and spastic electroacoustic interplay, scrappy free jazz, apocalyptic free-form drone rock, and beyond…in short, complete and blissful abandon into sound.

“Concrescence” urges the listener to pick their poison, light some incense, and turn off the lights.


They will be joined by special guests:

High Tides

Zebra Pulse

Audience members are encouraged to BRING PILLOWS + BLANKETS and sit on the ground for the performances!

Doors at 8PM
Show at 9PM (over by midnight!)


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