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PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS – “Early Looters of the Apocalypse” & “Live at Bohemia 12-18-2014”

26 Dec

Private Investigators is the new project from Ian Rowley (Rhythm of Cruelty, Rapid Loss, Geister)  and Parker Thiessen (Zebra Pulse, Bong Sample, Krang).

This is the debut album and the first release from the new record label, Pseudo Laboratories

Available on cassette via their bandcamp page

The duo recently performed as part of the RDP Holiday party

Will Scott …recordings [RDP_007]

5 Jan

Will Scott is an Edmonton musician who likes to delve. This double-feature showcases his production and songwriting talent, his love for improvisation and quirks, and a hard-to-match collaborative energy*

A dual release with Burn Flippin Urn Records and Ramshackle Day Parade. The former Mitts and Wicked Awesomes bassist, and current one-third of Pigeon Breeders brings you…recordings…!!!

Argue Job

*Guest appearances include Grant Callaghan (40 Thieves), Garrett Johnson (Brazilian Money), Tyler Harland (Pigeon Breeders), Lucas Finnamore-Smith (LWFS), Joseph Lubinsky-Mast (The British Columbians), and others.

TAIWAN – Belladonna [RDP_005]

1 Dec

Argue Job
Hippie Cult
Weird Canada

Also available on cassette.

Italian Husbands – Fucked Up Scenario

31 Oct

The Italian Husbands first mass released album, on Panospria, is a banger.  The albums first track “I take the last train every night.”, which is probably a great time to listen to this, starts off as a lo-fi mess before it transforms into an epic noise pop dirge, and the album continues less saucy, more bossy, but always leaving a stain on your shirt.  One half Holzkopf and one half Gold Rush, it blends like a dropshot, a truly psychadelic combination.  These lifemates are making music that throbs.  The entire album is free for download, as is the enitre catalogue of Panospria.  The boys, Jake Hardy and Trevor Rutley, recently graced the satge of The Ramshackle Day Parade, on October 22nd, stay tuned for the live recording of that, and beware of pictures floating around from that night.

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