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PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS – “Early Looters of the Apocalypse” & “Live at Bohemia 12-18-2014”

26 Dec

Private Investigators is the new project from Ian Rowley (Rhythm of Cruelty, Rapid Loss, Geister)  and Parker Thiessen (Zebra Pulse, Bong Sample, Krang).

This is the debut album and the first release from the new record label, Pseudo Laboratories

Available on cassette via their bandcamp page

The duo recently performed as part of the RDP Holiday party


Zebra Pulse Live on Big A Little A (FREE DOWNLOAD)

11 Mar




Dive Signals – 10,000 Tropics

7 Aug

Dive Signals - 10,000 Tropics

Dive Signals is an Orange-County based “experimental free-form project” care of Angel Ortega. The recent album 10,000 Tropics starts off feeling like a chillout mix for a solitary 3 A.M. walk on the beach and ends in hazy guitar numbers. It’s evident here that Dive Signals are definitely a project to keep an eye on.

Clocking in at just under 40 minutes, you might find yourself listening to it several times in one day. Especially while it’s still summer. Don’t forget to bring a towel.

Available digitally [FREE / name your price] as well as on CD-r & Cassette. Released by Static Reason Recordings.

Phil Dickau – Das Rheingold

14 Oct

Phil Dickau released a new album Ocober 9, 2010.  “Das Rheingold”, is an epic piece of minimalism (get it?), a sort of tribute, or remix you could say, of Richard Wagner’s prelude to “Das Rheingold“.  Phil Dickau has made his tribute from only a single 8 second piece of the original, stretching it into a 4-part, hour long piece of pure beauty.  In the words of Phil himself, “New Album => Download => Play => Listen => Fall Asleep.”

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