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MEAT FORCE – Master of Two Worlds [RDP_031]

16 Apr

MEAT FORCE really steps forward on this album, amazing stuff.  Be sure to check out a rare live performance by MEAT FORCE on April 22nd at Bohemia.




ZEBRA PULSE – Unknown (very first release) [RDP_022] [reissued from 2007]

14 Dec



“This is the first recording of Zebra Pulse, it was recorded some-time in spring 2007. Released on maybe 10 cassettes that were probably mostly given away to the only people who would even consider paying, probably most were even forced into taking one. Myles did the rip of this for us, I’m sure he is the only other person to have listened to it, haha. Side B was a feild recording of West Edmonton Mall, and climaxed with the fire breathing dragon roar at the theatre. We will have to see if we can find that anywhere.”

– Zebra Pulse


This is the first of many reissues and rarities, from Zebra Pulse and many other RDP artists.  Keep tuned for more.

Static Control

23 Apr

New issue of Static Control, Check out the Tumblr here

Skullterror – Jared Brandle

18 Jan

A few posts back, we featured a video titled,  “mood biblet” by Jared Brandle. He just posted a new video, also featuring music by collic aka Sean Macintosh.

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