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PYRAMID//INDIGO – フェスティバル [RDP_047] & Monolith [RDP_046]

14 Jan

New droney psychedelic post-rock from a new Edmonton two-piece PYRAMID//INDIGO.  Keep an eye out for future shows.

Lay back and melt, just make sure someone opens a window so you solidify again.



Will Scott & Myles Bartel – Dusted Vignettes [RDP_045]

9 Jan

Archival material from two-thirds of Pigeon Breeders!

Evan A. James/Tension Collectors – Holosoma Nobody [RDP_044]

7 Jan

An excellent release here, Evan A. James and Tension Collectors (Sean MacIntosh of Gary Debussy, Zebra Pulse, Boosh) splitting it up to provide you a rhythmic sample based platter of sweet treats and salty snacks.


25 Nov

bonus video of Max Uhlich:

“12 TONES” By Gary James Joynes – Pre Installation Listening Party – August 31st

30 Aug



Gary James Joynes has been invited to install 12 Toneshis debut synaesthetic installation piece at the Calgary EPCOR CENTRE’S Arts Learning Centre from September 11-29 where it will be featured as part of Beakerhead Festival, Alberta Culture Days and Doors Open Calgary. To adapt the sound sculptures for this show, Gary has been tinkering and rehearsing in dc3 Art Projects and the entire installation will play within the gallery for one day only –  Saturday August 31 from 11-6 – before being dismantled and shipped. Come and experience a 12 channel continuously evolving multisensory composition linking sound and visual stimuli through analog synthesizers, digital photography, custom circuit bending and more than a little magic.

Here is information on the Calgary exhibition including artist’s talk and opening reception September 14.

FL3M – Fl3M (RDP_035)

16 Jul


Pigeon Breeders – Oblique Temperatures [RDP_033]

14 Jun
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