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Pigeon Breeders – Fused Session: Live at CJSR Studio A, June 27th 2015

24 Nov

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of Pigeon Breeders’ debut release, Squab, here is a batch of recordings from June they did at CJSR. Includes an interview!

Will Scott & Myles Bartel – Dusted Vignettes [RDP_045]

9 Jan

Archival material from two-thirds of Pigeon Breeders!

Evan A. James/Tension Collectors – Holosoma Nobody [RDP_044]

7 Jan

An excellent release here, Evan A. James and Tension Collectors (Sean MacIntosh of Gary Debussy, Zebra Pulse, Boosh) splitting it up to provide you a rhythmic sample based platter of sweet treats and salty snacks.

[RDP_042] brendan anderson – music for every occasion

27 Nov

Pigeon Breeders – … [RDP_028]

11 Mar

New Meat Force video! Meat Force – Cop Whose A Man

14 Jan

Zebra Pulse video by Jared Brandle, and more….

17 Dec

Video genius Jared Brandle was kind enough to bless Zebra Pulse with a video for “They Drove Him To The Edge of Town”

Made from found 16mm film, here it is:

Also From Jared Brandle, two new videos featuring music by himself!

this one is a little older, I’ll try to keep up on these

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