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Meat Force – Private Hell 36 (and a new video)

6 Dec

Meat Force dropped a new video and album on Thursday, here it is!


Video Evidence: Ramshackledayparade Virgins, Max Uhlich, Meat Force at Bohemia November 18, 2014

26 Nov

Video by Abram Hindle


23 Sep

A new release of Meat Force remixing the works of Damno Te.   This is definitely an essential release on the RDP catalog.


Dresses, Ghosts, Leather, Milk and Porn – RDP April 2013 Photos [NSFW]

24 Apr

MEAT FORCE – Master of Two Worlds [RDP_031]

16 Apr

MEAT FORCE really steps forward on this album, amazing stuff.  Be sure to check out a rare live performance by MEAT FORCE on April 22nd at Bohemia.




New Meat Force video! Meat Force – Cop Whose A Man

14 Jan

New Meat Force Track

24 Jan

Our pal over at Anyone Can Music released a new track the other day.  You can do the same. Anyone can.

here it is.



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