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FULL WINTER JACKET: A Ramshackle Christmas (RDP_001)

22 Dec

‘Tis the season for peace, joy, happiness, cheer, and noise.  That’s right, finally the release of the Ramshackle Day Parade Christmas compilation titled, “Full Winter Jacket”  available for free download.

A lot of familiar names here, some local, some distant, all family. From Edmonton, Ramshackle regulars such as Philip Dickau, Max Uhlich, Meat Force, Mugbait, No Effects, TunnL (formerly Roy Gary Biv), e.q. tweaker, Dutch Hey Wagon, and Zebra Pulse all try to bring the Christmas cheer.  Calgary resident MINDKONTROLULTRA hits us hard, our Montreal friend Old Wyoming (formerly Empty Love) delivers a beautiful track, and finally from all over the west Holzkopf blesses us with his presence.

12 tracks of Christmas.  HO HO HO HO HO HO!

See y’all tonight!!

Argue Job


Friends do things together

25 Nov

RDP is collaborating a lot in these coming months.


Ramshackle Day Parade + Number Two Collective Present…

A Night Of Noise

Wednesday December 8th 2010

Master of Pants – ALBUM RELEASE
Seeing the Master of Pants live, in front of you, is a rare treat for all. Not only will he be playing his rare breed of psychonautical adventure-core and DJ-ing the night out, but he will be releasing his third album of the year on the Number Two Collective. For downloads of his previous 2010 efforts “Cyberpunk Aesthetics” and ”Gigaorganic Planetsound”, as well as various tracks and mixes, go here: http://soundcloud.com/masterofpants and here: http://numbertwocollective.blogspot.com/

It’s just gritty.

Zebra Pulse
The eater breather shitters of noise.

Sometimes all it takes is two.

This lovely evening will be accompanied by an OPEN MIC noise station. We want YOU to do an improve noise set in between bands while they set up. THE NOISE NEVER STOPS. PLEASE wear a costume. We will be providing costumes for those who don’t have one.

Wunderbar 10159 Whyte Avenue
Lets say around 9pm…sharp.




Borscht In Space: The Ramshackle Report









Thats right Angela Mason and Parker Thiessen will be bringing you the monthly Ramshackle Report Live on CJSR 88.5FM Edmonton.  The first one is going down on Monday Dec 6th, 7pm.  The two of them will be talking about whats going on in town, showcase local noise and experimental, and even live performances.  Not to be missed. Really, you shold be listening to Borscht in Space every monday…. so you wont have to worry.









David Ferris will be bringing you a weekly feature, reviewing experimental albums from throughout history, the planet, and beyond.  Check out his first post, Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza – The Private Sea of Dreams (1967).



JOM COMYN Cassette Release Boxing Day Variety Show


Collectively present:













An evening of bewilderment and predictability, of annoyance and satisfaction, experimentation and convention, repulsion and attraction, in a more or less constant rhythmic pulse lasting the duration of the evening.

And so we bring you an evening of rock music, avant-garde noise, smooth jazz, acoustic folk, rap, ambient electronica, spoken word poetry and modern dance featuring the talents of:

Emily Bachynski
Hannah Braun
Eric Cheng
Philip Dickau
Doug Hoyer
Jessica Jalbert
Madeleine Reddon
The Mandemic
Taylor Schaerer
Eryn Tempest
Mary Wood
Murray Wood

This evening also marks the release of Jom Comyn’s full-length cassette “Comynge Tegythere”, a concept album on the topic of art, sound, life, death and its expression, expression and its death, as experienced in modern times.

If nothing else, a good way to liven up the holiday weekend, out of the house.

Sunday December 26, 2010
The Artery (9535 Jasper Ave)
Tickets $8 in advance, at Blackbyrd, Artery, or from a performer; or
$10 on the day of.

Doors at 7pm.
Happenings at 8pm.


Finally friends, lets remember the late Peter Christopherson who passed away at 55 yesterday.


October 22nd, 2010 Ramshackle Friday Special!!!!! WIth HOLZKOPF, KRANG VS ZEBRA PULSE, ITALIAN HUSBANDS, NO KNIVES, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 Oct

Its that time of the month, ladies!!! This edition of the Ramshackle Day Parade is very special, probably the most special since the dawning of the RDP.  It is special because it brings The Godfather of Edmonton himself, HOLZKOPF. For those of you who have seen Holzkopf play, you need not read any further… I know you will be there.  Holzkopf is pure electronic bliss that will make your feet move, your head shake, and your brain will lag like a commodore 64 trying to play a youtube video…

That is not all though, Holzkopf is bringing along his tomato sauce covered lifemate, Trevor Rutley.  Together they are THE ITALIAN HUSBANDS, and again you best not miss it.

BUT WAIT!! the specials have not ended!!! there is more!  Edmontons own noise makers, ZEBRA PULSE and KRANG are playing as well…… but they play like every weekend…whats so special about that? well kiddies, THEY ARE PLAYING AT THE SAME TIME!!!! thats right, its gonna be like the Technodrome in this bitch!!!

and the specials keep rolling…. NO KNIVES will return to the stage, masked and loud….  I dont know how else to put it… other than, If you miss these two you will feel worse than the time you ate seven hot dogs and puked in your bed.

oh and one other thing… this is also a birthday party.. For Jake (Holzkopf), Trevor (Italian Husbands), and Parker (Zebra Pulse/Krang) SO THAT JUST MEANS ITS GOING TO BE ONE HELL OF A PARTY!!!!!

plus DJs….. till the break a dawn.

@ Bohemia as usual, 10575 114st

$5 8pm

be there…or you will hate everything.

September 22nd, 2010

5 Oct

September 22nd was the return of the open mic/input, my personal favorite and the favorite of many others.  Its always awesome to see what people will come up with for an open mic at a noise show. Parker and Joe started it off with a guitar effects combo of near shreddery, Owen and Jared followed with “The Artists” a no wave, new wave artish piece, Granger destroyed our ears with clarps and bloobles, Terry then synthesized what it is like to be inside a feedback loop, Sean, who is easily the best drummer in Edmonton, showed us his sticks and skins while playing a broken music box, and finally Myles returned to us with his epic feedback, and looping…. pure genius.

Headlining the show was newcomers, “Dutch Hay Wagon” who i described to someone as Sonic Youth trying to play country music…. I was wrong…. I dont know how to describe it…. but the fact that they played this show on the date of the Chinese moon festival makes perfect sense.

Recordings to come soon.

and for your pictoral perusal…

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

5 Oct

** they brought the NOISE – those of us who didn’t wear earplugs had ringing ears for hours afterwards! from bass wank to loop pedals to tape echo to live drums to analog synths driven past distortion into a new realm of fuzz, it was an awesome show! we look forward to next month’s open mic edition of the ramshackle day parade, wooooo! **

SUNDAY, AUGUST 22nd – Ramshackle Day Parade INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH NOISE BROUGHT TO YOU BY: EarHate (calgary AB) – Remember when Mike Tyson bit off Mr Holyfields ear? this is probably what it sounded like to him. Suicide Bomber (calgary AB) – Remember when those dudes flew a plane into a building? this is what it sounded like to them. No Knives (Edmonton, AB) – Remember when anyone ever got stabbed? This is what it sounds like. Neon Meat Dream (Edmonton, AB) – Remember when you took acid and ate the monster burger? 2lbs of reality? guess what? this is what it sounded like. just as a warning. this sh*t just got real.show starts at 7pm sharp and is $5 at the door

And Here are the Recordings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01. Neon Meat Dream – live @ bohemia [august 22nd 2010].mp3
02. No Knives – live @ bohemia [august 22nd 2010].mp3
03. EarHate – live @ bohemia [august 22nd 2010].mp3
04. Suicide Bomber – live @ bohemia [august 22nd 2010].mp3

And the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Granger!!

Jon Mick, July 22nd 2010

5 Oct

Here is Jon Mick in all his glory, for those of you who missed it, and for those of you who just listened to the audio and are exclaiming WTF!?!?! throughout the streets

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

5 Oct

** another amazing assault of analog apocalyptic audio art, this month’s edition of the ramshackle day parade was both loud and intimate. from feedback loops wailing irregularly to jon mick singing along to the dawson creek’s theme song while feeding his blindfolded friend tapioca pudding on stage – it was pure filth! we look forward to more insanity, more beers, and more NOISE! **

THURSDAY, JULY 22nd – Ramshackle Day Parade
fear the return of the noise! with oscillators pushed past the point of reason, feedback loops of the raunchiest nature, on stage flails and more, this will be a night of experimental electronic NOISE! not for the weak of heart, this is cutting edge grit, industrial strength! featuring: red deer’s Acid Attack, Young Planets, Psyrinx and CSDS (C-Section and D-Section)!!

Listen to it here!!


Acid Attack

Young Planets

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