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PYRAMID//INDIGO – フェスティバル [RDP_047] & Monolith [RDP_046]

14 Jan

New droney psychedelic post-rock from a new Edmonton two-piece PYRAMID//INDIGO.  Keep an eye out for future shows.

Lay back and melt, just make sure someone opens a window so you solidify again.



25 Nov

bonus video of Max Uhlich:


23 Sep

A new release of Meat Force remixing the works of Damno Te.   This is definitely an essential release on the RDP catalog.

Nightshade – Nightshade [RDP_036]

5 Aug





BONG SAMPLE // OCRA [RDP-023] (Digital Split)

21 Jan


New music from Ocra and Bong Sample!!  Keep your eyes open for a new release from Cosmic Key (featuring Ocra and Bong Sample as one band!) David Ferris is calling it the worlds first Digital 10″ split!!

Also head over to this months edition of Ramshackle Day Parade at Bohemia this month (jan 22) to catch a rare live performance from Bong Sample

Bong Sample – Papas Got a Brand New Bag [RDP-008]

9 Dec


Pigeon Breeders – Squab [RDP_006]

28 Nov

Also available on CD.

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