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23 Sep

A new release of Meat Force remixing the works of Damno Te.   This is definitely an essential release on the RDP catalog.

Holzkopf – Exit Strategy [RDP_021]

29 Nov

prOphecy sun – Breaking Heat [RDP 013] Digital single

19 Mar

prOphecy sun is East Vancouver’s noise darling – a siren who creates ghostly, looping vocal drones and free style field recordings, with breathing & throat singing, a handmade theremin and a knapsack full of small musical objects. http://prophecysun.ca/

prOphecy sun is a multimedia performance artist. Her practice is based in sound, movement and emotional driven experiments. She has a passion in shared community practices, with an emphasis on the body in dialogue with the community at large. She performs solo, in collaboration, and in collective projects. She sings solo as prOphecy sun. Also she plays in Tyranahorse, Spell, Her Jazz Noise Collective, Under the Sun, The Adulthood, and VEE (Vancouver Electronic Ensemble). She also dances in Dance Troupe Practice and So So So. Mostly, she enjoys riding on her road bike Mr. Falcon around East Vancouver and being a mom to four lovely cats.
“Breaking Heat”  is the first single being released by Ramshackle Day Parade Records, “side b” features a remix of the track from Bong Sample.
prOphecy sun, in her prolific creativity, made this video to go along with the piece.

prOphecy sun in “Breaking heat” from prOphecy sun on Vimeo.

Damno Te: Titans In Greece

7 Mar

From RareNoiseUploads:

“This was a 10+ minute remix of tracks that I took from the 2006 compilation “Titans – A Compilation for Greeks” when I had my label, Titus Records. You can stream the track, and three others, here:

– Damno Te

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