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Sonar: Sound Art Explorations by Edmonton Artists [Enterprise Square Gallery, closes December 20 2014]

26 Nov


This exhibition is located at the Enterprise Square Galleries: 10230 Jasper Avenue

Sonar encapsulates the shifting field of local sound art explorations: the term originated as an acronym meaning “Sound Navigation And Ranging”.

Reflecting connections to multimedia and performance based practices, and fuelled by support from a DIY underground music scene, Edmonton is now a base for sound artists exploring the technical and conceptual boundaries of this interdisciplinary medium.

Sonar will feature a diverse range of sound projects through recordings, interactive sound environments and sound installations referencing noise, electroacoustic, experimental and minimalist sound art practices.

SONAR: Sound Art Explorations by Edmonton Artists is curated by Kristy Trinier.

Mackenzy Albright
Jessie Beier
Raylene Campbell
Cecil Frena & Matthew Skopyk
Gary James Joynes
Shawn Pinchbeck
Leslie Sharpe
Scott Smallwood
Mark Templeton
Parker Thiessen
Nulle Part (Jason Troock & Ben Good)

The Enterprise Square Galleries is an initiative of the University of Alberta and the City of Edmonton, managed by the University of Alberta Museums. The AGA at Enterprise Square Galleries exhibition series is supported by the City of Edmonton, the Art Gallery of Alberta and the University of Alberta.


– See more at: http://www.youraga.ca/exhibit/sonar#sthash.yEmkXsYh.dpuf

20141106_184715Jessie Beier

20141106_184739Gary James Joynes

20141106_190447 Parker Thiessen

20141106_190509Scott Smallwood

20141106_190743Leslie Sharpe

20141106_192434Mackenzy Albright

Only 3 more days to catch “Topographic Sound”

13 Mar


“Topographic Sound” by Gary James Joynes will only be open for 3 more nights.

Do not miss this.

Here are the times:

Thurs 6-9pm
Fri 6-9pm
Sat 11-6pm

DC3 Art Gallery

10567 – 111 Street

Gary James Joynes takes over the dc3 Art Projects space for a solo show of work in multiple media, all created using sound as his primary creative tool.

The Topographic Sound series – from where the exhibition title is taken – explores sound as a powerful force akin to the unstoppable impact of time and nature in the formations of geology. Six very large photo-based works own the gallery main space and can be seen as graphic scores of the musician manipulating sand and sound, or as evidence of the effects of nature and vibration on a microscopic scale as it is related to the effects of much larger vibrations – earth movements and solar rotation.

In conjunction with this work we are proud to host Tritone (2013) a 100 day long decaying auditory chord and it’s wall-based sculptural echo, a continuation of his Alberta Bienniale performance to its conclusion.


Gary James Joynes – PEREGRINATION (Live Cinema) Performance @ dc3

5 Mar


Gary James Joynes  (aka WIND ROSE aka Clinker) will reprise his 2013 Alberta Biennial Live Cinema performance once more for Edmonton on March 7, 2013.

PEREGRINATION is a live cinema work reflecting on the nature of sound and its visual and material nature. A meditation on Joynes’ visual experimentation using historical scientific instruments and anachronistic musical technology. PEREGRINATION combines compositional sound elements and improvisational use of recorded footage of live play of the wavedriver machinery he uses to create in the studio.

For this his 2013 Alberta Biennial piece he brings the early phase of his career in Live Cinema together with his most recent experiments in cymatics by composing and triggering his waveform animations live in concert and accompany these visual sound wave animations with layered vocals and overtone singing. The performance runs through movements of varying intensity rising to a chordal crescendo.

All elements of his Frequency Painting work connect sound and visual definitions of sound. This new work expands these senses with aspects of space and time in his most ambitious Live Cinema work to date. Joynes’ explorations and experimentations in art are focused on the active process
of listening to, looking at, and feeling sound; slowing down time and linking sensoria to allow for immersion in a whole body experience. PEREGRINATION (Live Cinema) works to offer new opportunities to an audience for the understanding of the importance of deep listening and viewing life, and the wonderful journey that this brings us.

Special thanks to the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for supporting the creation of this work.




BEAMS & Harcourt House present (un)plugged: electro meets acoustic

26 Aug

BEAMS & Harcourt House - (un)plugged

The evening, part of Alberta Culture Days, will involve a series of duos pairing electronic artists with acoustic musicians, many of them familiar to the Edmonton scene.

Artists will include San Diego flutist Marion Garver Fredrickson in her first Edmonton stage appearance since the BEAMS Sea of Sound Festival in 2005, and Shawn Pinchbeck who will perform for the first time since successfully defending his doctorate thesis earlier this year at the University of Birmingham, UK.

Also on the bill will be Pocket Universe, who released their latest CD, Torment, in 2012, and performance art-oriented act Agaperaygunexperiment.

Rounding out the bill will be Don Ross, Wayne DeFehr and Gene Kosowan.

Admission is $10 ($5 to BEAMS and Harcourt House members).


Ramshackle Day Presents: Chris Riggs/Bent Spoon Duo/Zebra Pulse/Yankee Yankee/Pigeon Breeders/Yaocave

22 Jun


Ramshackle Day Parade Presents a night of forward-thinking music: brave avant-interlopers, from as far away as Detroit. This show will feature a once-only chance to witness a collaboration between Bent Spoon Duo and Christopher Riggs.

8:00 Yaocave (Calgary)
8:30 Zebra Pulse (Edmonton)
9:15 Yankee Yankee (Calgary)
10:00 – Pigeon Breeders (Edmonton)
10:45 – Chris Riggs/Bent Spoon Duo (Calgary)


Christopher Riggs is from Detroit, and thanks to the Calgary 2012 grant, will be coming to Alberta to play a series of shows and teach a masterclass at Calgary’s Theatre Junction Grand. He plays guitar, focusing on altered preparations, and his own style of notation. He will be playing a set with Bent Spoon Duo.
Internets – http://www.christophertriggs.com/
Masterclass – https://www.facebook.com/events/119825411491916/

Comprised of Chris Dadge and Scott Munro, Bent Spoon Duo is possibly Alberta’s most highly esteemed free-improv group. In a recent review in The Wire, Byron Coley describes them as “spendid, low-bore Improv racket in the classic pots-and-pans style.”
Internets – www.myspace.com/bentspoontrio

Adding an insane drummer to the already insane lineup has, (in this guys highly biased opinion,) put new wind in the sails of Zebra Pulse. Absolutely face-melting live and a must-see.
Internets – http://www.myspace.com/zebrapulse

The Charles Barkley of free-improv, with three Charles Barkleys.
Internets – http://www.facebook.com/pigeonbreeders?ref=ts

This Calgary two-piece is a brain-massaging space ritual of widescreen proportions. First show in Edmonton.
Internets – http://soundcloud.com/unit-structure-sound

YAOCAVE (Calgary)
Calgary’s Jevon Voon makes twisted songs: crooning over African music, British Folk, Minimalist, Fluxus composers, and whatever else is lying around.
Internets – http://yaocave.bandcamp.com/album/pop-4-4-7-owens-maze-b-w-xanadu-wurlitzer-jujube



RDP Picks: The Works Festival 2012

21 Jun

Edmonton’s annual art & design festival, The Works, kicked off today. There’s tons of great art and music events going on, and here’s a list of some experimental sound performances that will take place on the Churchill Square stage!

Friday June 22:
2:30 – 3:15 ~ BEAMS’ Wayne De Fehr
3:45 – 4:30 ~ Sound Dancers Daniel Brophy and Jennie Vanderkerkhove
5:00 – 5:45 ~ BEAMS’ Skruntskrunt “Swarmed and Axis Himiko”

Saturday June 23:
1:15 – 2:00 ~ BEAMS’ Agaperaygunexperiment
5:00 – 5:45 ~ BEAMS’ Agaperaygunexperiment “Earth Sounds” and storms from the north

Monday June 25:
5:00 – 5:45 ~ BEAMS’ Wayne DeFehr and Dave Wall “Pure Data”

Thursday June 28:
3:45 – 4:30 ~ Sound Dancers Daniel Brophy, Gerry Morita, Jennie Vanderkerkhove

Friday June 29:
1:15 – 2:00 ~ BEAMS’ Condoleezza Rice Patties
5:00 – 5:45 ~ BEAMS’ FL3M “Dork Matter” and Bill Damur “Sound and Poetry”

Tuesday July 5:
5:00 – 5:45 ~ Jung People*

*Jung People are an amazing post-rock band from Calgary that are on tour this summer. Catch them in Edmonton in late August with Pigeon Breeders! More info coming soon.

For the full Churchhill Square stage line-up from June 21 – July 3, check out:

More info about the Works festival:

The Alchemists of Sound [2003 Documentary on the BBC Radiophonic Workshop]

13 Mar

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