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Video Evidence: Private Investigators / Tension Collectors / Evan A James // Live at WUnderbar Feb 26, 2015

3 Mar

Video by Abram Hindle


Max Uhlich – Let My People Go (Diamanda Galas Cover)

27 Feb

[RDP_043] SkruntSkrunt – Caffiene

5 Dec


What do we put into our bodies every morning? CAFFEINE! The Caffeine organic chemical is often described as C8H10N4O2, containing hydro-carbons, nitrogen and oxygen. This piece sonifies the visual spectra of these elements ( http://physics.nist.gov/PhysRefData/ASD/lines_form.html ) and shifts the pitch down to an audible level. The bonds between these atoms are sonified over the
period of 69 minutes by playing the actual spectra themselves with some artistic interpretation. Help stay awake to the relentless drone and hum of the atoms that wake up much of the world!  Listen to what you consume; the buzz of your mild addiction.

Full release available in many formats on archive.org including source code!


Video Evidence: Borys and Zebra Pulse in SPACE Nov 29, 2014

1 Dec

Video by Abram Hindle

Zebra Pulse – My Hands Sparkle Like Lemons (MUSIC VIDEO)

21 Aug


New music video from Zebra Pulse, Directed by Parker Thiessen

you can catch Zebra Pulse live August 23, 2013 at Baby Seal Club

Video highlights from the April RDP

25 Apr

Great video of the April edition of Ramshackle. Thanks Abram Hindle!

Pigeon Breeders – Snowpines [MUSIC VIDEO]

6 Mar
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