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Yeg Promoter Burrito April 2nd at Starlite Room

31 Mar


Edmonton is a pretty lucky town. Most of the people who book shows in this city would rather help each other out and be pals than compete with each other. To prove that, this will be the first in a series of shows where each promoter picks a band they love and give them the chance to play a big stage to a hopefully big crowd.

♥ ♥ Your Promoters And Bands ♥ ♥

Clean Up Your Act Productions presents: EXITS

The CHESS HOUSE Presents: BIG BEN and Koschmyoozik

Blurred Lenz Presents: Slow Girl Walking

Double Lunch Productions presents: Book of Caverns

Ramshackle Day Parade presents: Borys

Space presents: TBA

$10 Advance
$15 Door
Doors 7PM Bands 8PM

MARCH 28 – Zebra Pulse//Wasted Cathedral//Chad Munson//The Olm – At Wunderbar

23 Mar


Zebra Pulse
(Edmonton, AB)
Fractal patterns made of nachos

Wasted Cathedral
(Saskatoon, SK)
Shooting Guns guitarist Christopher Laramee leads the convoy of a new age.

Chad Munson
(Saskatoon, SK)
An electric ocean.

The Olm
(Edmonton, AB)
Cave dweller music

March 28 9PM

SCUM News Network Fearmonger Film Festival

6 Mar


From the mind of Gene Kosowan

n the wake of SNN (which went off the air in February (Friday the 13th, to be exact), Bohemia presents this satirical “retrospect with no respect” of Canada’s most bigoted news channel in recent memory.

Borys offers a sonic backdrop to how extraterrestrials are taking advantage of lax immigration policies to eventually rule our planet in “Illegal Aliens From Outer Space!”

Voice Industrie adds an electronic vibe to quotes by Canada’s Prime Minister grafted onto a Fritz Lang classic in “Stephen Harper’s Metropolis.”

Official Opposition provides an aural accompaniment to what would happen if liberal thought dominated our society in “The Leftist Menace!”

Bong Sample manipulates his gizmos to current events and issues of the day in “SCUM Newsreel.”

Steven Sereda twiddles his knobs to the evils of homosexuality in “Boys Beware!”

Fecal Point tackles the insubordinate nature of community media in “Campus Radio Must Be Destroyed!”

Admission $10. Some content may be objectionable to those with very strong political views at both ends of the spectrum.

Video Evidence: Private Investigators / Tension Collectors / Evan A James // Live at WUnderbar Feb 26, 2015

3 Mar

Video by Abram Hindle

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