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AARON MUNSON & DAVID HOFFOS: Isachsen, 1948-1978

3 Sep

Video/Film artists Aaron Munson and David Hoffos have an exhibit opening up September 14th at The Alberta Gallery of Art that will run until November 24th. Featuring soundscapes by Shawn Pinchbeck

Isachsen_WinterDarkness Isachsen_Wide


Isachsen, 1948-1978 presents the history of a remote arctic weather station that was located on Ellef Ringnes Island in the far reaches of the Canadian north. Here, over its 30 year life span (1948-1978), many men experienced the extreme isolation and wild beauty of the barren arctic wilderness.

Through the lens of five men who worked there, the exhibition reveals the life of the station in photographs and film footage from the early 1950s to the late 1970s. Additional imagery, taken in 2008 and 2010 by more recent passers-by, captures the remains of the now abandoned station site. Conceived by Edmonton experimental filmmaker aAron munson (whose father was stationed at Isachsen as a weather observer), the exhibition features contemporary video interviews and re-enactments by former station workers as well as Munson’s edited selections of archival footage, which he culled from hours of Super8 film.

Isachsen, 1948-1978 also includes a new installation by Lethbridge artist, David Hoffos, a model of the site as it existed in 1971, into which Isachsen’s inhabitants are projected back into a cold night landscape. This unique window on the past provides insight into the intense physical and psychological conditions of the station, and the exhibition becomes a visual overview of the memories and stories that were created there.

The RBC New Works Gallery features new artworks by Alberta artists. Initiated in 1998 and named the RBC New Works Gallery in 2008, this gallery space continues the Art Gallery of Alberta’s tradition of supporting Alberta artists.


– See more at:

Isachsen_snowmobile Isachsen_Site


Dresses, Ghosts, Leather, Milk and Porn – RDP April 2013 Photos [NSFW]

24 Apr

The Psychedelic Mind of Stephen Ferris

28 Jun

Stephen Ferris, cyclist and prolific artist.  Recently coming off of Whitehorse’s 24 Hours of Light Mountain Bike Festival, and having designed the cover for Pigeon Breeders album, “Nocturnal Reveries” it makes you wonder, when does Steve have the time to create all of these very detailed and intricate pieces.


Here is your brain:


and here is your brain ripping it up:

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Static Control

23 Apr

New issue of Static Control, Check out the Tumblr here

Last Night photos

23 Feb


Robert Burkosky


3D Space Anus


Sounds For Wax Museum


It was a great show last night at Bohemia.  Awesome turnout and amazing music.  Happy Birthday Steve.  Recordings to come.

Last night, the earth shook

23 Nov




RECORDINGS! ramshackle day parade [march 22, 2011]

10 Apr

they brought the noise! from looplocked crunkin funkin multichannel noise to dirty drone soundscapes to pure analog mini moog to circuit bent/interpretive danced chaos… it was effin sweet!

Download these tracks:

01. e.q. tweaker – live @ ramshackle day parade [march 22nd, 2010].mp3
02. a happy cosmonaut – live @ ramshackle day parade [february 22nd, 2010].mp3
03. wind rose – live @ ramshackle day parade [march 22nd, 2010].mp3
03. shawn pinchbeck – live @ ramshackle day parade [march 22nd, 2010].mp3

and for your pictoral pleasure…

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