26 Sep


As part of the inaugural Nuit Blanche Edmonton festival, Ramshackle Day Parade is thrilled to present CONNECTIVITY. Created by Brendan Anderson, Parker Thiessen and Abram Hindle, CONNECTIVITY will combine elements of live performance and sound installation to reflect on the ways art is influenced by the communities and physical environments in which it is created, and on the symbiotic relationship between audiences and performers.

Performers from Edmonton’s experimental music scene will come together to create a nine hour long, continuous sound piece that will be manipulated by audience members as they experience and move through the physical space of the installation. Interactive software designed by Abram Hindle will allow listeners and performers to respond to each other and work together in creative ways to shape the sounds being produced. Through this process, artists will be forced to relinquish control over their final product and audiences will play an active role in their own experience. CONNECTIVITY will be spontaneous and ephemeral, embracing the chaos and collaboration that is so often inherent to the creative process and using these elements to create a work that is entirely dependent on its specific place and time. No two moments will be the same and every participant will come away with an experience wholly unique to them.


Ramshackle Day Parade is an Edmonton-based collective of experimental musicians and sound artists, as well as a digital record label that serves to catalogue the work of said artists. The group has been hosting regular events since 2008 and has received national attention through music review sites such as Weird Canada and Argue Job, amongst others.


Brendan Anderson
– Through the use of field recordings, found sounds, and controlled chaos, Anderson explores ways in which sound intersects with and shapes human consciousness.

Parker Thiessen
– Thiessen is a central figure in Edmonton’s underground arts scenes. In addition to being the mastermind behind Ramshackle Day Parade, he performs regularly with multiple projects and is an active film and video artist.

Abram Hindle
– Performing under the name Skrunt Skrunt, Hindle explores the soundscape of the modern desktop, the auditory aspects of bodies, gravity, and the interaction of physical simulation and synthesis.


Jenna Turner
Meat Force
Tension Collectors
Caitlin Richards
Gene Kosowan
Josh Tokarsky
Mustafa Rafiq
Owen Stratsky

September 26, 7pm – 4am
@ Quarters Arts (Boyle Street Plaza)
9538 103 A ave, Edmonton AB
Free admission

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